Hi, my name is Shayne. I’m a novice SL blogger. For now, here is a bit of history: I rejoined SL back in 2012. I have a great time, met friends, even fell in love but I needed more and wanted to focus on my studies, so I quit indefinitely until one day this year, I decided to rejoined Secondlife and oh my god, everything has CHANGED. When I was playing SL, mesh was the biggest thing on the grid and now it has evolved into mesh bodies and mesh heads. So much has changed and I’m very excited!

So that’s it, I suppose and hopefully, my photo taking skills hasn’t disappeared since I am a bit faulty right now.



Here are a few photos I took in SL:


Anyway, I will be back once I get the hang on this new Second Life.

And again, welcome 🙂



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