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+Spellbound+ Battlefield// Grimoire : Complete NEW

L’Etre-Elyssa skin [Azabache tone) w/Fiore’s Contoured Head shape NEW

L’Etre-Stretched Ears

ryvolter Lida Ribbed Wool Cardi @uber NEW

Moccino– Slay Collection for Fiore (UPDATE) NEW

Moccino– Zara Poses


The Pink Lady

PicMonkey Image13

Today is a good day. VERUS opened yesterday and it is the first round for the month of August. If you don’t know about this awesome event: Basically about 10 to 12 designers compete against each other for each round. We (the consumers) will vote Team A or Team B. I have yet to vote but I think you know who I will vote for 😉


#taketomiWEST– Aly NEW

ryvolter Beverly Frayed Bra & Skirt @VERSUS NEW


TONY // Structure– The Bricksquad Garden

Cafe de Rowne

Sorry for my crappy photos! My computer got updated to Windows 10 and my display driver stopped responding and I’ve been trying to fix this issue but no such luck. I hate w10 and of course my photos shows the proof for itself.

I’m gonna try to take as many for this week Uber’s items that I did bought but there is not much promise.

PicMonkey Collage


fiore Contoured Head (2.1) NEW

ryvolter Matiu Split Flare Pants-Grey @uber NEW

ryvolter Siobhan Bustier Top-Black @uber NEW

LUXE. Chain Choker Gold @uber NEW

LELUTKA HF04. Hair in Cloud @Hair Fair NEW

Background: Rowne: Cafe de Rowne




.: ryvolter :. Sil Leather Platform Boots- Cognac @uber NEW

Exile:: Empty Pages Grayscale @c88 NEW

ISON badland dress (eggplant) @c88 NEW

LAZYBONES- Spike Choker

*Bolson (Mesh Body Pack) Fahrenheit NEW

Imeka Poses- Charmy

Background: RAMA #selfie Government Rare (FIXED) @6 Republic NEW